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 “The X-Factor of great leadership is not personality, it’s humility.”

Jim Collins


You Are Critical to our Success

Your investment in a Leadership Harrisburg Area program or event helps improve the quality of life in the Capital Region by increasing effective community service and the practice of servant leadership. Join a movement of goodwill by adding your organization’s support to a trusted enterprise.  For more information on event sponsorships, please call 717-216-5200.

The official registration and financial information of Leadership Harrisburg Area may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling, toll free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement. 


A summit on servant leadership featuring the 10 Essentials of Servant Leadership developed by LHA and delivered in a multi-media format. Attendance averages 50 participants whether in a live or virtual setting. Show your commitment to servant leadership by sponsoring public events or schedule a private event for your organization.

The Community Caller

This publication connects individuals with opportunities to align with community causes, attend community events, serve on boards of directors, learn more, and volunteer.  Highlight your organization in the middle of great community connections and reach over 2,500 business and community leaders each month, with an average open rate of nearly 30%.

Graduation Celebration

Both the Community Leadership Series and Executive Leadership Series Classes of 2021 will be recognized in a first-of-its-kind combined celebration event.  Recognize a graduating member of one of the classes or show your support of effective community service and servant leadership by joining our biggest event of the year as a sponsor.

Leadership Speakers Series

Four events at which community experts share best practices in leadership and service or provide an overview of new initiatives or programs relevant to the Capital Region.  Attendance ranges from 100-200 people and typically take place over breakfast, lunch or virtually.  Your participation as an event sponsor shows your dedication to continued learning.